2021 Spirit Week - Feb. 22 thru Feb. 26

Monday, February 22, is “Crazy Weather Day!”

  • Dress up for snowstorms, rainstorms or as a crazy weather reporter. 


Tuesday, February 23, is “Space Day!”

  • Dress up like an astronaut or in black and white. The entire school will watch the Jr./Sr. High launch rockets.  


Wednesday, February 24, is “Holiday Day!”

  • Dress for your favorite holiday: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc. 


Thursday, February 25, is “Wordless Book Day!”

  • Dress in the colors of the wordless book: black, red, white, gold and green. 


Friday, February 26, is “Old Fashioned Carnival!”

  • Dress up like a farmer—jeans/jean skirt, overalls, flannel shirt. (Note: Girls are not allowed to wear jeans but may wear a jean skirt.)  


Who will receive the Spirit Stick? . . . This year we’ll be looking to see which class has the best school spirit, participation, and attitude each day. The class that is chosen gets to have the school’s Spirit Stick for the day. 


Cheer Competition—Each class will create their own cheer and on Friday there will be a vote on who’s the best.   


Please abide by the following guidelines: 

  1.  Students do not need to wear their uniforms if they choose to participate.  

  1. Girls must wear a knee-length or longer skirt or dress each day.  

  1. Clothing should be modest, loose fitting, and appropriate.  

  1. SCBA reserves the right to ask any student to change if necessary.