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2022 Spirit Week - March 

Monday, March 28, - “Backwards Monday”

Wear your clothes backwards or inside out.  (Students do not need to wear uniforms but must follow SCBA dress guidelines.) 


Tuesday, March 29, - “Space Day!”

Dress up like an astronaut.  (Ex: Build a space suit out of cardboard, foil, and duct tape.) The entire school will watch the Jr./Sr. High launch rockets.  


Wednesday, March 30, - “Western Wednesday”

Grab a pair of jeans/jean skirt and a plaid shirt and dress like a cowboy/cowgirl!  


Thursday, March 31, - “VIP Sports”

Wear sports gear or your favorite team jersey. 


Friday, April 1, - “Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo (K5-10th grades)”

Wear your new SCBA t-shirt!  Denim skirts and jeans are allowed.  (If you do not have a SCBA t-shirt, wear a uniform shirt.) 

Penny Wars

Monday-Wednesday, students should bring pennies to add points to their class. They can bring in silver coins to subtract points from other classes. 

  • Every penny that your child brings in is worth 2 points for their class.

  • Every nickel that your child brings in can be used to subtract 5 points from another class. (Dimes subtract 10 points; Quarters subtract 25 points) 


Dollar Day – Thursday, students should bring in dollar bills. (Or five-dollar bills. Or ten-dollar bills. Or…We think you get the idea!) ​Multiply the bill's denomination by 100 and that is how many points will be added to your child's class.

Bake Sale

Get your ovens hot! Mom & Dad, we need your help!  If you can send in baked goods for our bake sale email Mrs. Andrea Peterson at Baked goods may be store-bought or homemade and need to be individually wrapped. Items containing peanuts must be clearly marked! Students can purchase baked goods each day, during the week for $0.50. 


The funds collected during this week will go to provide the prizes for the top 3 winning classes. Any excess funds will be put toward replacing/upgrading the two wooden swing sets on the elementary playground. 

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