Meet Our Headmaster


I am a product of Christian school. I had the opportunity to attend Central Iowa Christian Academy in Marshalltown, Iowa from Kindergarten until I left to complete my high school education at Pensacola Christian Academy in Pensacola, Florida. I then received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth Ministries and Music from Pensacola Christian College.

After graduation, I had the opportunity to travel as a college representative visiting and observing Christian schools around the United States.

For almost 5 years, I served at a church and Christian school in Savannah, GA before the Lord moved my family to South Charlotte Baptist Church where, in 2003, I had the privilege of being used to assist in the formation of South Charlotte Baptist Academy.

I look forward to serving and assisting you in the education and training of your children

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 4


Rev. Joseph Campbell

Meet Our Staff

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Mrs. Lesante Brust

3 Year Old Preschool

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Mrs. Candace Millwood

4 Year Old Preschool


Mrs. Linda Yonson

K5 - Kindergarten


Mrs. Stephanie Campbell

1st Grade


Mrs. Stephany Baum

2nd Grade

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Miss Sarah Hanke

3rd Grade

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Miss Rebecca Brooks

4th Grades

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Mr. Alex Motus

5th & 6th Grades

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Mrs. Maria Rideout

Junior High

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Mr. Chris Heater

Junior High

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Mr. Nate Rideout

Assistant Headmaster

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Miss Stephanie Wells

Academy Office

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Mrs. Mary Holstead

Business Office

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Mrs. Kaitlyn Heater

Teacher's Assistant