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  • Pastor Joseph Campbell

Why You Should Re-Enroll (or enroll) Your Child @ SCBA

This past Friday night, South Charlotte Baptist Academy hosted our annual "Eagle's Rally."

We have a lot of fun in this rally. (If you didn't attend you missed out on seeing one of brightest students, Bufford, as he demonstrated the Phonetic Punctuation!) The whole purpose the Eagle's Rall is to encourage current families to re-enroll their children at SCBA and to encourage new families to enroll their children at SCBA.

To that end I [Pastor Campbell] was given a copious amount of advice on what I should say. (Last year we hired a Christian school consultant who did give us some wonderful advice on things that we should do.) However, I have also been told that, in a sense, it really doesn’t matter what I say.

I want to be completely open with you…You know that you have to put your children in school. (The authorities will come after you if you don’t!) But, for a lot of families here tonight, it all comes down to cost and nothing I do to try and convince you of the “investment” or the “benefits” of keeping your child at South Charlotte Baptist Academy is going to work. I get it. It costs. There’s no way to get around that. (Check out the NC Opportunity Grant. For some, this grant has been a real blessing.)

On the other hand, our current families already know that…

  • We love their children.

  • We seek to keep their children safe.

  • We have fun with their children.

  • We do a great job at giving their children an excellent education.

  • We try our best to communicate and work with parents in the education of your children.

So, why you should you re-enroll? Why should you enroll?

Consider our Academy’s purpose:

Using the tool of education, SCBA assists families as they guide their children to establish a foundation of faith; form solid, Christ-like character; and develop their God-given abilities to serve Him!

Popular philosophy will tell you that an education is an end unto itself. However, all you need to do is read the book of Ecclesiastes to realize that it is not! Education is a tool. And...

  • If you desire that help your child establish a foundation of faith in God and God's Word...

  • If you desire to help your child form solid, Christ-like character...

  • If you desire to help your child develop their God-given abilities to serve Him...

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