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Our Purpose

Using the tool of education, SCBA assists families as they:

  1. Guide their children to establish a foundation of faith;

  2. Form solid, Christ-like character; and

  3. Develop their God-given abilities to serve Him! 

What our parents are saying...

"[Our daughter's teacher] teaches her students beautiful godly songs that stick with them when they come home. She has a positive impact on her students, and she creates an atmosphere where the students enjoy going to school."

[Our son's teacher] is a patient listener. He has listened to concerns about our son and has been proactively doing his best to meet those needs.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping [our son] to become the fine young man that he is...SCBA helped him to grow a firm foundation in his life as a Believer and in building character as a young man.

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